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FINE WINES AND FINE ART COME TOGETHER FOR COMMUNITY LITERACY: Friends of Clarksburg Library’s 27th Garden Gala Fundraiser – September 30, 2015

C.A. Giacoma, Staff Writer

River News-HeraldA steamy late summer afternoon provided the atmosphere at the historic Heringer Estate for this year’s fundraiser supporting the Clarksburg Library, an integral part of this 150-year-old farming community in the heart of Delta wine country.
According to organizer Amanda Beck, Clarksburg’s library turned 50 years old this year. It began when a group of community members saw the need for a library for the community and began soliciting donations and fundraising. In 1965 they were able to purchase a home in town and this became their library.



Meet Trilogy’s Soul Line Dancers – September 30, 2015

Anthony Gutierrez, Staff Writer

River News-HeraldThe focus was not just about dancing to Trilogy’s Soul Line dancers; it was also about a companionship shared among its members along with unity and appreciation.
On a Thursday afternoon, Trilogy’s Soul Line dancers danced to R & B in front of Chef Edwards’s restaurant in Rio Vista as Patricia Jackson, member for eight years and their dance instructor, lead the dance group to perform.
“We are a diversely populated group of senior aged, active, energized individuals with a sincere passion for dancing,” Jackson said.


Riverview Cross Country Team Runs a 5K Trail Run – September 30, 2015

Greta and Scarlett Dole, 6th Grade

River News-HeraldThe Riverview Middle School Cross Country Team ran the Lagoon Valley Trail Run 5K in Vacaville on Saturday, September 12, 2015. Seventeen members of the team plus the two coaches, Alyson Stiles and Vera Sunada, ran up and down steep hills, and across bridges and fields. It was an interesting and fun run. There were lots of delightful sights to see.
Sixth graders Maia Stone (33:00) and Sophia Saldana (35:36) came in first and second place in the Female 0 to 19 age group. Seventh grader Tyler White (26:46) was fourth and eighth grader Per Anderson (31:45) came in sixth place in the Male 0 to 19 age group.


Local Gamers Get Together in Vacaville – September 30, 2015

Anthony Gutierrez, Staff Writer

River News-HeraldDo you want to get into the NorCal competitive scene for Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS? If the answer is yes, you should come by and support your local Sm4sh scene in Vacaville presented by Cerberus Gaming League that runs a Sm4sh tournament every other Saturday.
Whether you’re from Davis, Walnut Grove, Vallejo, Rio Vista, Sacramento, Fairfield, it will only take a matter of minutes or close to an hour to get to the “2 Stock and the Handshake” Sm4sh tournament at Forgotten Path Games in Vacaville.



Vintage Motocross Comes to Isleton – September 23, 2015

Isleton Journal

River News-Herald and Isleton JournalA film crew landed in downtown Isleton last weekend to film a pilot promotion for a new television show.  The show will be centered on Joe Abbate’s Cycle Therapy, a motocross restoration business/passion, located in Brentwood, CA.  The television show itself takes place in the mid 70’s.
I caught up with Joe on the set of the shoot and he was kind enough to give me an interview and answer questions about the concept. READ MORE>>>

Isleton City Council Notes – September 23, 2015

C.A. Giacoma, Staff Writer

River News-Herald - IsletonThe Isleton City Council meeting convened at 6:30 pm on September 16, 2015 but shortly thereafter dismissed the public for a closed session with the city attorney, lasting 45 minutes and resulting in no action, according to Mayor Bettencourt. After the council reconvened and members of the public were allowed back in, items on the agenda were addressed. No minutes were available from the previous meeting. There was also no completed budget. READ MORE>>>

Local Boy’s Father Away From Home Fighting Butte Fire – September 23, 2015

Jenifer McGahey, Staff Writer

River News-HeraldThe Butte fire that started on September 9th has kept a local boy’s father away from home.  Logan Boothe’s father, Vallejo Fire Department Captain Tim Boothe, like other firemen, is battling the monster fire for long hours with no rest.
I have always respected my son’s father for the career path that he has chosen.  Every day he works, he risks his life to help others.  When I first met Tim he was a Paramedic for Medic Ambulance, working for Rio Vista Fire Department as a firefighter and paramedic.  Continuing on this career path, Tim entered the Fire Academy.  Just before our son was born in 2002, he was hired by the city of Vallejo as a Firefighter Paramedic.  While working for the fire department, he continued his education and accomplishments and is now a Captain for the Vallejo Fire Department.

Rio Vista to Attempt Water Cut Back – September 23, 2015

Anthony Gutierrez, Staff Writer

River News-HeraldAccording to a report by a Public Works director, the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) pointed out a failure to meet a 36% savings water standard in Rio Vista, suggesting there is water being wasted somewhere.
On Sept. 15 at the City Council meeting, Issac A. George, Planning Manager, called for a new ordinance for landscaping in Rio Vista that will help in meeting this 36% water savings standard. READ MORE>>>

Clearview – A River Runs Through It: The San Joaquin Delta Estuary Is A Living Thing – September 23, 2015

C.A. Giacoma, Staff Writer

River News-HeraldAs Governor Brown shoves his plan forward to divert the rivers into huge tunnels that bypass and dewater the entire river delta system, one wonders, is anyone listening? Do the citizens have any voice at all? Those tireless advocates that gather at every chance to protest and give public comment on behalf of the health and well being of the delta estuary, do their pleas fall only on deaf ears? READ MORE>>>

My Visit to Isleton – September 16, 2015

River News-Herald - IsletonJanet Purvis, Guest Columnist

My husband and I went to the Cajun Festival put on by the Isleton Chamber of Commerce last June.  We had such a great time that we recently decided to spend a few days in Isleton after reading about the Delta area in the paper advertising the festival.
We rented a room on Main Street in Isleton and began to explore the local wineries.  READ MORE >>

Clearview: Jerry Brown, the Godfather of California – September 16, 2015Jerry Brown Comic - C.A. Giacoma - River News-Herald

C.A. Giacoma, Staff Writer

It seems that Jerry Brown, pandering to special interests, eliminates whoever gets in his way even as he says he is concerned by climate change and claims to champion the protection of water quality. What are Jerry’s special interests? Oil drilling and fracking of course, and his actions are putting our state at risk and imperiling our drinking water.

Abel Chevrolet-Buick Celebrates 80th Anniversary in Style – September 16, 2015

Anthony Gutierrez, Staff WriterRiver News-Herald

There is something special you get from working for a family-owned business.  At Abel Chevrolet-Buick in Rio Vista, where they held their 80th Anniversary last Wednesday, that special something was seen in the relationships of Abel employees greeting their customers, helping each other out, laughing in each other’s company and making sure everyone is okay.

Birds Landing Celebrates a Favorite Citizen – September 16, 2015

C.A. Giacoma, Staff WriterRiver News-Herald

On Thursday, September 10, Shirley Paolini celebrated her 88th birthday with friends stopping by throughout the afternoon, bringing cake and ice cream in good company. Two days later, on the weekend, her family and lots of friends gathered again for a big barbecue and community party set up by her son Glenn, as a surprise, but no one surprises Shirley.   READ MORE >>

Rio Vista Firefighter BBQ Is a Great Success – September 16, 2015

Anthony Gutierrez, Staff Writer

River News-HeraldThe Rio Vista Fire Department held its BBQ fundraiser organized by the RVFD Hot Shots this Sunday and the RVFD firefighters were appreciative of a community that gives back to their fire department.  “For the Hot Shots to come out and put this event together is awesome,” said an enthused fire engineer at the BBQ fundraiser dinner.   READ MORE >>

The Scary Reality of a Warmer Lake Tahoe and the Depletion of the Truckee River – September 9, 2015

Rich Peters, Editor

River News-HeraldOn Friday evening I gazed out into the old, faithful waters of Lake Tahoe from my campground of its Western shores, but something seemed different. While still beautiful, it was almost as if I was on a different beach than in years past.  READ MORE >>

Isleton Business Owner Stands Up to City Hall – September 9, 2015

C.A. Giacoma, Staff Writer

PPam & Mikeamela Brown is committed to setting things right in the historic California river Delta city of Isleton. Hard work and responsibility are at Pamela’s core.  A single mother who raised 3 boys herself, she has worn many hats. Putting her whole heart into her family and work, she has managed businesses, done construction work, whatever it took,and she still found time to fundraise for the school and be an involved parent.   READ MORE >>

Rio Vista City CouncilRio Vista City Council Notes – September 9, 2015

Anthony Gutierrez, Staff Writer

City Council members met in City Hall Council Chambers to talk about a number of topics and concerns with an opening presentation of an Oath of Allegiance for Rio Vista’s police department.  READ MORE >>

Delta Tunnels Issue Heating Up – September 2, 2015

C.A. Giacoma, Staff Writer

River News-HeraldThe recent escalation in efforts to push through the building of peripheral tunnels that bypass the Delta demonstrates that things are heating up on that front. The science is in and in the wake of that announcement came a new attempt to both expand and force the plan forward regardless of legal statute and the recommendations of experts.   READ MORE>>>

Vehicle Plunges Into Delta Loop Waters, One Dead – September 9, 2015

Rich Peters, Editor

20150903_140444 (1)Authorities recovered the body of a woman submerged in her car in the Mokelumne River on the afternoon of Thursday, September 3. The accident occurred near 500 Brannan Island Rd. in Isleton along the Delta Loop.  READ MORE >>

IMG_20150829_133445515 (1)Local Art Gallery Brings Community Together – September 2, 2015

Anthony Gutierrez, Staff Writer

Clarksburg, CA—He’s a left-brained and a right-brained person, an artist working as a civil engineer.  According to the theory, originated by Roger W. Sperry, on dominance of the left brain and right brain in people, a left brained person is more inclined to be logical, analytical and objective; in contrast, a right brained person is more inclined to be intuitive, thoughtful and subjective.  READ MORE >>

Neighbors Decry Cell Tower Proposal On Sherman Island – September 2, 2015

C.A. Giacoma, Staff Writer

Cell TowerNeighbors living across State Highway 160 from each other on Sherman Island were surprised and disturbed to learn that their former neighbor, Andy Crowe, contracted with Verizon Wireless to install a 130’ tall cell tower without giving notice to all neighbors as required by law prior to the selling of his property recently.  READ MORE >>

Hog August Bites Takes Over Downtown Rio Vista – August 26, 2015

Rich Peters, Editor

Hog August Bites River News-HeraldLast Saturday, Hog August Nights took over Main Street in Rio Vista. This year’s annual summer festival was quite the scene as groups of hungry BBQ fans spilled into the streets all day and into the evening.  READ MORE >>

DWR Levees Chief Gives Overview of Flood Management History – August 26, 2015

River News-HeraldC.A. Giacoma, Staff Writer

At the recent meeting of the Delta Protection Advisory Committee chaired by Mark Pruner, important Delta levee investments were the topic at hand. Featured speaker Dave Mraz, Chief of Delta Levees for the California Department of Water Resources, spoke at length about the Delta levees program, levee maintenance and flood management.  READ MORE >>

Local Mechanic Gives Back to the Community He Loves – August 26, 2015

Anthony Gutierrez, Staff Writer

River News-HeraldHe was trying to get out of the rat race. Rick Frampton started his business fixing radiators for vehicles in Concord where he felt like everything was going too fast, too soon. Hoping for a slower life style, he moved his business called Contra Costa Radiator to Rio Vista where he found something other than slow. READ MORE >>

Point Fundraiser is a Success – August 26, 2015

Anthony Gutierrez, Staff Writer

River News-HeraldIn efforts to raise money for the victims of the Delta Loop fire, The Point Restaurant and the generous people from the Delta community came together like “one big family” for a fundraiser last Friday.  “We have the space. Why not use it to help out people in need?” said Chrissy Langlois, office manager at The Point. “It’s a community helping out a community.”



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