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3-Alarm Fire Breaks Out on the Delta Loop (July 31, 2015)

Rich Peters, Editor

A grass fire broke out on the Delta Loop at the Korth’s Pirate’s Lair Marina Thursday afternoon. At least 11 homes were affected, some destroyed.

Thankfully no one was injured as everyone was safely evacuated, according to the Korth family.

Nearby trees were set ablaze as the fire crept closer to building structures and mobile homes.

“There was a propane tank nearby so we had to get out quick,” said Joe Korth, a family member who was working at the front office at the time of the fire.

“It was too big, too quick,” Korth said. “By the time I got there all I saw was smoke and immediately I saw a eucalyptus tree go up right in front of my eyes in five seconds.”

The fire started around 4 PM south of Isleton on Brannan Island Road and lasted over three hours as the Delta breeze steadily fueled it.

The fire was finally contained around 7 PM after Fire Departments from several cities were rushed to the scene. “It’s contained now. 6-10 houses at Pirate’s Lair are gone,” said one employee who was working nearby.

Fire season continues to terrorize the state of California as the drought worsens.

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Isleton Citizens Ask: “ What is the Future of Isleton?”

The July 22, 2015, meeting of the Isleton City Council convened at approximately 6:20 pm in a very over crowded meeting room at Isleton City Hall. The size of the crowd said it all – this meeting was very important to the residents of Isleton.  READ MORE >>

World News

Stephen Stark, Local Reporter

China – Despite the government making broad steps to avoid a stock market crash, last week the Chinese stock market took a hit.
Zimbabwe – The world is outraged about the killing of Cecil the famous lion on a national park and animal sanctuary.
Turkey – Turkish forces have begun air strikes on ISIL forces inside Syria…   READ MORE >>

Downtown Pittsburg Keeps Big Band Music Alive and Well

Rich Peters, Editor

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in newly renovated and blossoming downtown Pittsburg, the vintage California Theatre was packed full of true fans of music and the arts from all walks of life.  READ MORE >>

Pear Fair: A reminder of how important the Delta is

Anthony Gutierrez, Staff Writer

From left to right, black and white photos of smiling families, historical buildings, and farming equipment take middle stage of the auditorium. These photos capture the river Delta’s culture since the 1920s, as toddlers to middle-aged to the elderly examine them.  READ MORE >>

Summer Learning is Fun for a Very Special Class

C.A. Giacoma, Staff Writer

Through the collaboration of Walnut Grove summer school special education teachers Chris Smith (who commutes from Copperopolis), Sue Moehlenbrock, Rio Vista High Senior Cheyenne Bastedo, Chris Para and professionals Maria Larios and Jenny Kitchens, the special ed kids from Walnut Grove were given a chance to learn how to swim this summer.  READ MORE >>

Union Baptist Celebrates Its Centennial

By:  Rich Peters, Editor

In 1914, Dr W.E. Story, serving as a missionary with the American Baptist Churches, arrived by river boat to hold worship services with the residents of Rio Vista. Ralph Rowe, Sr. , a young man attending Baptist Divinity school in Berkeley, spent weekends in Rio vista working with Dr Story. Folks up and down the Sacramento River joined in the services as well as the residents of this farming community.  READ MORE >>

Garamendi takes tour of Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District

By: Galen Kusic, Special to RNH

Water treatment plants are becoming increasingly vital during California’s drought.  Hence, Congressman John Garamendi (CA-3) visited the Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District on Monday to  learn more about the process and cutting edge technology that has made the district one of the most renowned in its field.  READ MORE >>

As Governor Brown’s Tunnel Plans
Flounder, It’s Time to Move On

By:  Rich Peters, Editor

With more hiccups and another 8,000 pages of environmental impacts added to the already 40,000 released, it’s time for Jerry Brown to stop the tunnel charade. Considering the current drought, economic and ecological issues that our state is faced with, Brown needs to stop trying to force his way into the wrong pages of the history books and focus on the realistic tasks at hand.  READ MORE >>

Obamacare Is Hurting the Future Generations of America

By:  Rich Peters, Editor

If you are a fresh out of college, hard working, goal driven, up and coming 20-something-year-old in this country, I’m sorry.  There was a time not long ago when those attributes were our country’s key to success. Some may have even called it “The American Dream”, but not anymore. That dream is long gone and quickly turning into a nightmare.  READ MORE >>