Skip Thomson Spoke from the Heart About Serving Solano County Citizens

C.A. Giacoma
Staff Writer
April 13, 2016

SkipSpeaking to the Democratic Club of Rio Vista at Foster’s Bighorn Restaurant on Wednesday evening, there was no mistaking that Skip Thomson is passionate about his commitment to the citizens here, preferring to walk neighborhoods and knock on doors to speak face to face with his constituents and learn their primary concerns. One of those concerns is the lack of medical services in Rio Vista. Last fall, Vice Mayor Dave Hampton asked him to help get a clinic for Rio Vista. He is working with Kaiser and County health services to explore some ways to bring medical support here.  Solano County is replacing their mobile medical van and the county’s mobile dental van, hoping to have the new vehicles outfitted and ready by July to bring those services to Rio Vista.

When the Rio Vista library burned down in 1992, Skip learned quickly how important the library is to this community and saw that it was rebuilt, restocked and reopened that same year.

Recently, through a couple of initiatives he was able to secure about $1 million to re-roof and pay for much needed repairs to the inside and outside of the Rio Vista Veteran’s Hall including installation of a commercial kitchen expanding the use of the building and enabling the Vets to fundraise. He also mentioned that the hall will be holding a Veteran’s resource fair on the 19th at 4:00 p.m., encouraging everyone present to get the word out to veterans in need of help.

Skip also talked about the need to build a community center for Rio Vista and to move City Hall to make better use of the valuable real estate where it is currently located. He would most like to see a new facility built that would combine a new community center, a new city hall and a community health clinic.

Thomson does not mince words when speaking of his opponent, stating that he is strongly against his opponent’s plans to make highway 113 a toll road, make Collinsville a deep water port and cut the bottom level of county jobs in order to grant large pay raises to those in the top County positions. He recognizes that county revenues are improving but that the county needs to be prepared when another down turn comes and sees reducing administrator’s salaries as a good way to do that.

When many Solano citizens repeatedly complained to Skip that they have been victims of vehicle theft he approached the Solano County Sheriff, asking for a task force to address the issue. The Sheriff told him that he had been trying to do that for some time but couldn’t get anyone at the County to listen to him despite the fact that Vallejo and Fairfield lead the state for this crime. He was able to gain unanimous support for this task force, which is now locating and shutting down chop shops, gang activities and substantially impacting the frequency of car thefts in Solano County.

When questioned about the sensitive issue of water and the Governor’s plan to build tunnels to capture and take water south, Thomson spoke out adamantly against the “water fix” stating that he is heavily involved with the Delta Counties Coalition, representing Solano County and that the twin tunnels project is at the very least a disaster because it produces no new water and does not identify or address storage, which is the actual need. He explained that the coalition is working with the Delta Protection Commission to provide real alternatives that will serve the citizens for many years to come through conservation, recycling, desalination and storage for both surface and ground water, including construction of the Sites Reservoir and enlarging Los Vaqueros Reservoir.

Skip Thomson has been the Solano County Supervisor for our area for four years and says he hopes to be re-elected for another term on June 7th for the privilege of continued service to Solano County citizens.

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