Rio Vista City Council: Parking Restrictions

Anthony Gutierrez
Staff Writer
April 13, 2016

Rio VistaOn a Tuesday, Rio Vista City Council discussed the topic of restricting parking of certain trucks and trailers at residential areas and what this could mean for Rio Vistans in the future.

Issac George, Community Development Director, spoke on behalf of city staff recommending this action item go through its procedure by receiving its report, opening it to public comment and awaiting its second reading and adoption at a future council meeting.

The cause to this ordinance came from a series of complaints made by local residents who have seen large trucks parked near their homes, blocking traffic and causing safety hazards for drivers.

David Hampton, Council Member, asked whether Shea Homes has looked at this problem in Trilogy. George answered Shea Homes hasn’t been contacted and other parties must be talked to.

Constance Boulware, Council Member, asked the number of people affected by this problem. Mr. George answered that there wasn’t any statistical information available at this time but he did report that Police have received numerous complaints on this issue.

“This has been a lingering issue that has not been addressed but this is an opportunistic time to look into (it),” Mr. George said.

Ronald Kott, Council Member, asked about mobile homes and whether or not they would be affected.
Mr. George replied that there were some exceptions to mobile homes. George reasoned that some visitors could be coming in by mobile home, so there was some leeway for them and that this ordinance referred to commercial vehicles by the California code definition.  “The primary concern here is commercial vehicles,” he said.

A member from the public asked if pickup trucks were affected by this considering they had a commercialized attribution to their name. City staff answered, explaining that there were exceptions for some commercial vehicles. A Ford F-150 and other vehicles of this nature would be an exception. However, a vehicle that has more than 2-3 axels would fall under the category of a commercial truck and would be affected by this ordinance.

The approval of this ordinance was approved by all city council members and will come back for its second hearing at a future city council meeting.

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