Mayor’s Corner

Norman Richardson
Rio Vista Mayor
April 13, 2016

Beautification is the opposite of blight and this column is going to be about the beautification of Main Street, which is the heart of Rio Vista.  The organization known as RioVision, which is made up of numerous citizen volunteers from across our community, has been tearing out old overgrown vegetation in the planter islands along Main Street for a year now.  They have overseen replacement of the irrigation system, put in new plants, rocks and pavers.  The plain pavers were purchased from the sale of personalized pavers to people who had them engraved with their names, a personal message, and some are in remembrance of a family member.  The pavers were laid in a pattern to dress up not only the edges of the planters, but also to cover some of the interior of the planters which were planned as small parklets.

Parklets are the larger planter areas that can contain a bench, a small table or some form of art.  The parklet in front of the Pizza Parlor recently had two bronze tone cast aluminum cranes placed in it, as part of the “effort for art” in the downtown corridor.  The cranes were donated to RioVision for that reason.  Be sure to check them out as they are a very nice addition to our City.

RioVision’s ongoing planter project will continue up Main Street to the planters near the Delta Pharmacy.  I especially want to thank the volunteers from the Rio Vista Fire Department, the Montezuma Fire Department and members of Coast Guard Station Rio Vista, who recently spent several hours, pulling out the old vegetation in several planters to make way for the new irrigation, plants, rocks and pavers.  In the near future RioVision will be doing the large island at the “Y” intersection of Highway 12 and Main Street, which will be visible to those who travel on Highway 12 through our City

Other great examples of community support for this project are, when Steve Simons of A & R Service was passing by and saw the volunteers working on the planters.  He stopped and asked if they needed anything.  After learning that they could use top soil his company delivered 5 loads of good top soil and unloaded them at several locations, per the direction of the volunteers.  Then local contractor Walt Schultz volunteered with his crew, went to work shoveling the top soil into the planters.  Another local company ASTA Construction has donated several loads of gravel and sand, which is normally priced around $75 a yard and delivered the loads where RioVision needed them, which saves a lot of labor.  Upon completion of this part of the work RioVision will begin a program called Trim n Tidy, in order to maintain the new planters.

It is not just the RioVision project that is upgrading the look of Main Street.  Businessman and building owner Everett Upham is doing his part to help beautify the downtown corridor.  He has installed new windows on the ground floor of his building at 183 Main Street, where Mane Street Hair is located.  This gives the building a very sophisticated look and I believe that the plans may have been drawn by Mark McTeer a local Architect.  If more owners would upgrade the exterior of their buildings along Main Street it would definitely enhance the look of our City.  The Rio Vista Hotel owner Jack Hirsch, is another example of an owner upgrading the exterior of his building.  You will notice the difference if you are in the area of 183 Main Street.

The Rio Vista Chamber of Commerce and RioVision will soon be joining forces, to rent a vacant store on Main Street for Rio Vista’s own Visitors Center.  This Center will be staffed by volunteers.  Knowing the work that both the Chamber of Commerce and RioVision are doing to improve our beautiful community, I believe that the Visitors Center project will be a great addition to Main Street.

Don’t forget, the Rio Vista Certified Farmers’ Market will be here starting Saturday May 12th and will be open every Saturday rain or shine through Saturday November 19th.  The Farmer’s Market will be on Main Street between 2nd & 3rd on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.  Both the Chamber of Commerce and RioVision will have booths at the Market.  This year is promised to be better than last year, and I am looking forward to being there.

I am pleased to give you this update on the efforts to beautify Rio Vista and I hope to have more good news in the future.

As always I can be reached Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm at my office in City Hall, or by email at and by phone at 374-6424.

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