Lady Rams Softball Preview

Celeste McGahey
Lady Ram & RVHS Journalism Student
March 9, 2016

River News-HeraldThis softball season is going to be different than past years. Luckily we have 7 returners from last year to help mentor the new players. We lost 5 seniors last year; three of them were new comers and the last 2 were returning players. This coming Saturday is our first scrimmage against Jim Elliot, they are good competition for our first game and to see how the girls work together as a team.  “We won’t have any gaps in the field, there will always be a stronger player in every position,” says returning Junior Daryn Katsuki. This year 24 girls signed up but unfortunately we cannot keep all of them so our coach Alison Stiles has decided to have tryouts. Freshmen, Katlyn Langlois says, “I’m very nervous about tryouts because I have never done a real tryout before, I just hope I make the team.” As a returning player and seeing how many girls signed up this year I hope after tryouts we will have a great team that gets along in the dugout and on the field.

Our first home game of the year is Thursday, March 10th at the Rio Vista High School softball field. This year we are attending two tournaments; one tournament we have this year we played in last year and won 2 out of 3, but we are also playing in one we have never played in, hopefully we do well. Our first tournament starts on Thursday, March 3rd and ends on Saturday March 5th. We play 3 different teams that we have never played before, but one of the teams we play could be in the same bracket as us if we make it to playoffs for the 3rd year in a row. If you need or want a softball schedule you could always go on the Rio Vista High School homepage or you can ask the Sports Director Brian Fonseca for one. Don’t forget to come down and cheer on the 2016 Lady Rams!

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