The Lady Rams Pick Up First Win of the Season

Anthony Gutierrez
Staff Writer
April 6, 2016

River News-Herald

The Lady Rams went up against the Wildfires of Foresthill in a soccer game at Rio Vista High School last Friday and this game showed one team’s determination and the potential to jump leaps and cross bounds for a great soccer season.

In the early moments of the game, the Lady Rams’ forward and midfielder Janet Tejeda aggressively attacked the offense of the Wildfires and pushed them to their last defender, taking the shot and almost scoring in the process. The ball slipped past the fingers of the goalie, yet it wasn’t enough to score a goal.
But the pressure was on.

The Wildfires showed that they were a force to be reckoned with. They kept their composure, managing to retaliate by going through the Lady Rams midfield line, then almost going through Rio’s last defender. It was a show of one upping each other, each team trying desperately to outshine the other.

There were a number of near successful scoring attempts from both teams in the first half. The Lady Rams gained good field advantage yet missed an opportunity for a pass. The Wildfires countered, getting past the Lady Rams defenders but hesitating to go for a shot.

The Wildfires did a good job at pressuring Rio’s defense with their numbers because as soon as Rio got the ball, the Wildfires blazed around a Lady Ram and pressured an immediate pass.

Close to the half time mark, Rio’s Janet Tejeda made the first goal past the Wildfire defenders. Now the pressure was on. This was the moment in the game where it was up to both teams to keep their composure and focus on openings for each other’s weaknesses. The Lady Rams needed to calm down, getting too emotional could result in a goal.

There were some exchanges here and there until Tejeda again almost had an opportunistic chance for a power play but there wasn’t enough time to pass the ball to her teammate Carlin Cline, who was waiting at the net for the pass.

Half time came and the players went back to their coaches for regrouping and planning.
At the beginning of the second half, Tejeda managed to sneak through the midfield of the Wildfires’ defenders and almost scored the goal, but the Wildfires showed that they still had spark.

However, that spark was beginning to burn dim. As the game went on, the Wildfires had less possession of the ball and played more defensively than the first half. It looked like Rio chipped away Foresthill’s stamina as they began to play a bit less aggressive.

This played a role in the next goal. It was Rio’s Tejeda who made the third goal on the Wildfires and it looked like one team’s composure was finally shaken.

But in what looked like a moment of hope, the Wildfires managed to score a goal and hugs and cheers were followed at the idea that the Wildfires were still in this game.

Close to the end of the second half, Lady Rams’ Carlin Cline scored a goal. Cline celebrated with her teammates, as this was the goal that cemented the first win of the season for the Lady Rams at 4-1.

Rio’s coach Allison Dumas was proud of her team’s victory. “I’m happy for my girls! They won! They really needed this,” she said. Dumas went on to say how the team was still finding their footing considering there are a lot of new players who have big shoes to fill in, but Dumas feels like they will continue to get better with each practice session and game. “It can only go up from here,” she said.

Their next game is at Golden Sierra on April 6 at 4PM. Rio Vista is 1-5 on the season.

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