“Affair of the Arts” Fundraiser A Great Success

Anthony Gutierrez
Staff Writer
April 20, 2016

River News-Herald

On a Saturday, the Annual Affair of the Arts hosted their 10th annual art auction at Trilogy’s Sir Flair’s restaurant in efforts to raise funds for the performing and visual arts program at Rio Vista High School (RVHS). This event also celebrates the arts from our students and encourages the community to get behind supporting our local student artists in their future endeavors.

It was a banquet room filled with teens, adults and elderly alike basking in the artistic flair that was seen in the art display spanning across the room. Megan Brooks, art teacher and Donnie Surla, drama teacher were the quirky fun hosts of the night. They were excited about the high turnout of people who showed up and were humbled at how many of them were in support of the arts in our schools.

To participate in the art auction, people would write down their names and the amount they want to bid on a clipboard next to the art piece of their choosing. The bidding would continue on until the end of the night and the winning bidder of an art piece would be announced by the event’s hosts.

Brooks was delighted in the idea of togetherness that this event brought between the people in the community. She liked how people could just talk like they’re family and how people could become more involved in the art community because of this event.

Towards the middle of the event, some of the RVHS students did an ensemble piece and a number of performances that were well received by the audience. “The audience went nuts,” said Surla, “They applauded. It was a touching moment.”

Surla noted how the kids were interested in singing. Despite the interest, there was no budget for singing at RVHS and some people have expressed a strong interest for this.

Students who were involved in the performance include: Jeannie Perez, “Rainbow Connection” (Muppet Movie), Janitizi Aguilar Mota, “Reflection” (Mulan), Michelle Volkerts, “On My Own”  (Les Miserables) and Leenda Calfy, “I Dreamed a Dream” (Les Miserables). There was also Maria Aguilar Duran, Leenda Calfy, Madeira Machado, Mic Morgan, Jeannie Perez, Destiny Reynolds, Liam Smith, Josh Smulo, & Michelle Volkerts in “Cecilia & the Satellite.”

Maria Aguilar Duran, Janitizi Aguilar Mota, Leenda Calfy, Madeira Machado, Mic Morgan, Jeannie Perez, Destiny Reynolds, Liam Smith, Josh Smulo, Colton Sullivan, & Michelle Volkerts in “Brave.”

A long term goal Surla hopes to achieve by running this artistic event was to ensure the visibility of arts in the community. “Getting kids excited about art, celebrating their art and seeing kids participate in these art events show how much we care about art in our community.” Surla hopes that by making more of these art events known that it will encourage more people to take an interest.

A total of 130 + people, 20 student artists and some student alumni showed up for the art event. Ticket prices were priced at $50 and the funds raised from these tickets amounted to an estimated $1,000. Table packages ran at $300 for 5 people and each seat was guaranteed a bottle of wine, appetizers, three course meals, a unique art piece from a student and a ticket to the Spring Theatre performance at RVHS. Funds raised from the art auction were yet to be determined.

Students were awarded $50 gift cards for donating their work. These gift cards would go into purchasing art supplies and the like.

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