Sm4sh Tournament Electrifies E-sport With Hype Competition

Anthony Gutierrez
Staff Writer
June 6, 2016


ShowdownSmash hosted “Come On and Ban #60” at the Foundry on a Thursday night with a few surprises and electrifying moments that made Smash 4 such an entertaining game to spectate. A crew battle between GIGA and 8BIT, some super hype matches on stream and even the #1 Robin player in the world showed up. There were amazing displays of competitiveness at this edition of “Come On and Ban” that couldn’t be missed.

The night started off with the Sm4sh crew GIGA fighting off 8BIT in a hype crew battle that came with a shocking ending. GIGA l Wimplow and Blitz collided with 8BIT l Nova and Mijo Fuego in an intense battle of 3 stocks per match. They would fight until they reached a stalemate at having 9 stocks left per crew out of the 15 stocks they started with. It was up to GIGA l Athena and 8BIT l Mr.Q who would determine the winning tide and sway the advantage to their crew.

It was Mr.Q who took the first stock with Cloud’s limit cross slash into an immediate fsmash as Athena’s Robin attempted a punish but got punished instead. Into Robin’s 2nd stock, she managed to get a grab into a Levin fair that took Cloud’s stock but at the price of taking significant damage in the process. Percents can be deceiving though. A near 90 percent Robin managed to obtain stage control with spaced fairs with Levin sword, fast hitboxes and precise use of projectiles that took a 0 percent Cloud to near 100% of his stock. Once Robin had momentum, she can carry it all the way. It was Robin who picked up a Tome and sniped a recovering Cloud. The immense knockback from the tome sent him to the opposite side of the stage of Town and City taking out his stock. Cloud wasn’t having it as he aggressively put hitboxes, took stage control, juggled Robin in the air then landed an upair that took Robin’s stock. The in-game conversation these two were having was fierce. Both players now had 1 stock left. Robin had the percentage lead and stage control, but something in Cloud sparked up. Cloud played safe, waited patiently for Robin to throw out any hitbox then react to a situation. In one of their exchanges, Cloud managed to get Robin offstage while he had full limit charged then waited for Robin to get into position to use her Elwind to recover on stage. Cloud’s dropped below, waited for Robin to get into a certain part of the ledge, then used his limit cross slash attempting to stage spike Robin. Robin had the opportunity to tech, but the moment slipped and it cost Robin her last stock granting the 8BIT crew their victory of this match.

GIGA l DamEdge was up next. He would come in to take Mr.Q’s last remaining stock but at a price. DamEdge lost his stock in the process. 8BIT l Chinito would come in to avenge his fallen brethren. It was DamEdge’s Diddy and Chinito’s Mario who would create a last stock, last hit situation that would end in Chinito favor. He got the Mario dunk on Diddy granting the victory of the match to 8BIT. GIGA’s Jodi Bleek was the last man standing for his crew. He came. He up smashed. He took Chinito’s last stock. GIGA crew revved in Jodi’s amazing display of competitiveness. Now it was 8BIT l Zex, a Power Ranked player who came to the stage. Could Jodi Bleek cause an upset? Both competitors faced off in the battle of the ninjas between Jodi’s Greninja and Zex’s Shiek. Fast hitboxes. A strong neutral game. This match was a nail biter. It was Jodi Bleek who took the first stock with an up air. Zex quickly answered back. It was a bouncing fish that took Jodi’s first stock. Greninja kept his composure and converted his hits to juggle situations on Shiek. A lot of the neutral game was who would get the grab and convert that into big percentage. Both players were looking at triple digit percentage but it was Greninja who took the stock. Greninja played the neutral amazing to Shiek’s last remaining stock. Very safe pressure and smart use of airs managed to convert a huge percentage lead for Greninja. It was a very well timed up smash that took Zex’s stock and granted GIGA the victory of the crew battle. This was a notable victory for Jodi Bleek as he took out one of biggest threats of NorCal in 8BIT l Zex.

Next up in winner’s quarters for “Come On and Ban #60” was SG WTF l Rice vs Dath, the best robin player in the world against one of NorCal’s local Power Ranked player. Dath’s Robin made quick work of Rice’s Mario in the first stock because of the smart usage of empty hops and fast falls from Robin that caused Mario to overextend in his hit boxes that would get punished by Dath’s Levin sword. One punish led to Robin’s checkmate sealing Mario’s fate. Mario, however, came back with a dunk to the platform to another dunk to the pit of the stage. The in-game conversation was Rice telling Dath that he can hold his own against the world’s best Robin player.  The second stock was close in percentage. It all came down to who had better stage position and who gave enough pressure to create an opening. Both players played amazing but it was Mario who took the stock with the Ally Upsmash. Game 2 was Dath’s as he managed to get a checkmate on Battlefield. Rice was amazing at getting grab conversions that dealt a lot of percentage but it was Dath’s patience that led him to see through the damage and find an opening to take the game. Game 3 was a heartbreaker. Rice managed to catch Dath’s jump offstage with his flood. This left Robin in a dangerous situation trying to recover on stage. Rice was aware and managed to snipe Dath’s trajectory offstage with a fireball. This ultimately led Dath to lose the stock and lose the set. Dath went on to fight Stark in losers bracket where he had close games with the NorCal Power Ranked player. The result from that set was Stark taking the win.

Two cosplayers, GIGA l Athena and Wolflord, came to the Sm4sh tournament dressed as the Sm4sh characters they main.

GIGA l Athena was dressed up as Robin, who the NorCal player has played since the beginning of the game, and is arguably known as the best Robin player in NorCal.

Wolflord was dressed up as Lucina, who the NorCal player put in amazing work into pushing the meta of her character and is arguably known as the best Lucina player in NorCal.


Every Tuesday and Thursday, The Foundry hosts tournaments for Melee, Sm4sh and Street Fighter V along with other games that can be played on the side. Note: Melee tournaments are on Tuesdays and Sm4sh tournaments are on Thursdays. The Foundry is a 21+ over venue and minors should communicate with Showdown Esports officals in advance for entry. The gaming venue is located on Folsom Street in San Francisco between 9th and 8th street. For more information, visit their website at

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