RV City Council Notes: Health Care Coming Soon?

Anthony Gutierrez
Staff Writer
February 17, 2016

Rio VistaThere was an update on bringing medical services to Rio Vista during last Tuesday’s city council meeting. The idea that Rio Vista will have these services had been a dream to some but a nightmare to get plans rolling.

David Hampton, council member, has given an update to the medical services in Rio Vista. He reported that a number of important people held a meeting where there was a discussion on ideas about bringing local health care services to Rio Vista. He noted that these ideas were up in the air and money was brought as an obstacle.

Despite this, he was hopeful and he wanted the opinions of city council members on health care services at an upcoming meeting. He told the council to “bring something to the table.”

Vice-Mayor James McCracken said, “We don’t have much to bring to the table.” He explained that he was hoping there would be outside help. He suggested a Walgreens or CVS to make plans about some medical plan. “Things are up in the air. We don’t have enough money,” he said.

McCracken suggested that if a medical center does get created, it would be ideal to have the basic services met. This includes being able to draw blood. McCracken would like to have at least this much rather than having to drive to Fairfield or Vacaville for blood work. He suggested a minor clinic would be a hopeful thought.

City council members further discussed the complications with Kaiser medical company on the construction of a building. Mayor Norman Richardson advised bringing up the fact that there was a medical center located next to Lira’s Supermarket a while back to show that Rio Vista was able to host a medical center. Hampton said it wasn’t that easy.

“No one wants to put up money for the facility,” Hampton said.

The conclusion that was made by Richardson was that Hampton should make a meeting with an important figurehead to find out the building blocks of creating a health facility.

A member of the public suggested to Hampton that he bring up statistical data showing demographics of Rio Vistans to Kaiser. She has worked for Kaiser and knows that Kaiser cares a lot about people who use their service based on the notion that if there was enough demand, the rest will follow. She explained that if Kaiser sees a big number of their patients, they will be more inclined to work with Rio Vista.

Hampton replied, “They know.” Mayor Richardson added that he got the gist that Kaiser had looked at statistical data of Rio Vista.  “It’s going to cost them too much for them to come and get started. Only about half or less of the population are Kaiser patients,” Richardson said. He further added that there was competition with Sutter that would complicate things.

A member of the public asked if the previous model of Sutter’s medical service will suffice the demands of Kaiser. Hampton said he didn’t know if Kaiser thoroughly looked at that previous facility. He did note that other medical services had looked and they had rejected starting something there because the vacated facility lacked some things they wanted.

“Well, my only suggestion to you Mr. Hampton, regarding your meeting, is to ask them to explain the satellite clinic to you, because that is the perfect model for Rio Vista. I have personally been to that clinic and I know it is exactly what we had with Sutter. This will be an argument for you in our favor with Sutter,” she said.

Hampton agreed that he will bring it up and the discussion was closed. Mayor Richardson told his city council members, David Hampton, and James McCracken to give them his best at an upcoming meeting.

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