The Rio Vista Republican Club Hosts Candidates Dave Miller and Mike Reagan

C.A. Giacoma
Staff Writer
March 2, 2016

River News-Herald

Last week the Rio Vista Republican Club hosted 2 speakers who are republican candidates for the upcoming elections later this year. The two hopefuls were Dave Miller, who is running for assemblyman of the 11th District and Mike Reagan, running for Supervisor, Solano County.

Dave Miller moved to California 6 years ago, retiring after 30 years, from the New York State Department of Public Services in Rochester where he worked in finance against welfare fraud.

Dave’s platform consists of, as he pointed out, a couple of things that are very important to him: education and prison reform. He also has a somewhat novel plan for addressing water issues.

According to Dave, if elected, he plans to use part of his salary to fund scholarships for students who excel in math and science, pledging to fund a $500 or $1,000 scholarship for such a student in every high school district in the 11th assembly district.

Dave is also intent on reforming death row in the California prison system.

There are currently 753 people on death row in San Quentin. Each inmate on death row has 4 appellate trial attorneys who are paid an average of $350 an hour, apiece. This is, of course, funded by the taxpayers. Mr. Miller proposes to change the sentencing guidelines for those previously sentenced to “life without parole” or “the death penalty” to “prisoner condemned to die in prison” and force the state to put these inmates into the general population. Dave says this will save the state of California $60 million annually. California has only executed 13 people in the past 27 years and the average stay on death row is at least 22 years.

Miller is also a strong advocate for legalizing marijuana because it can sometimes be a better alternative to prescription pain medications, citing a friend on 8 different prescription pain medications for 2 separate ailments who has found that medical marijuana works very well. He acknowledges that this is not everyone’s opinion but he goes on to say,  “If you really want to shut down ‘big pharma’ and their influence in Sacramento, this is something you’ve got to consider.”

He is vehemently against the construction of a high-speed rail and is in favor of spending that money on liquid thorium fluoride reactors, which would make Southern California completely independent of our Delta water, shutting off the need for water transfers from north to south.

Dave Miller’s website can be found at:

Mike Reagan is returning to run for the 5th district supervisor, Solano County, after a brief break.

Mr. Reagan retired after a distinguished career in the U. S. Air Force, in 1999, as a Lt. Colonel and Chief of Staff at Travis Air Force Base.

Mike Reagan served previously as a supervisor for Solano for 8 years, focusing on economic development. He is concerned about the poor condition of the roads in Solano County and the need to move forward on those infrastructure projects by voting for needed funding to support them. As he was in the past, Mike is focusing on the need for economic development, noting that Rio Vista leads the county in unemployment.

More than half of the population is retired and too many of those still in the workforce are not employed, causing closure of businesses.  Mike points to the fact that 6 more important and longstanding businesses are closing this year in the Rio Vista area.

Another key issue is the governor’s releasing of “a whole lot of felons and leaving it to the counties to handle them.” He recognizes the need for complete reform of the legal system in order to maintain public safety in light of the fact that the State is doing many things that go against keeping communities safe.

Violent crime is up but burglaries, break-ins and car thefts are really spiking, he notes, adding that we cannot get a handle on that without putting more cops on the street. Mike also addressed comprehensive reforms to the prison programs that will focus on education programs and job training to prepare inmates prior to release and reduce recidivism by enabling former offenders to be able to get a job and support themselves, legally.

Reagan is actively engaged in what he calls “the fight of our generation.” Jerry Brown wants to divert water south, it is a battle he has been fighting for quite some time by researching and finding viable alternatives. One of those is a project that could be built on Sherman Island to capture water after it flows all of the way through the Delta, thus eliminating any threat to the people and natural resources that depend on the rivers. It would operate by desalinizing the brackish water at the bottom of the estuary and selling it. The state must, by law, look at viable alternatives before they can legally go forward with the tunnels project and he has presented this plan to them for consideration. If the state refuses to do so, Reagan’s company will likely sue. He adds that this is a fight he has been in and will remain in because it is so critical to this area.

Mike Reagan’s website can be found at:

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