Highway 12 Association Hosts CALTRANS

C.A. Giacoma
Staff Writer
March 23, 2016

River News-Herald

On St. Patrick’s Day many Rio Vista citizens, several CHP officers and Caltrans representatives from Divisions 3 and 4 as well as officials from local and regional agencies all came together to attend the March 2016 Highway 12 Association meeting.
A review of citations issued for the months of January and February were given:

Felony Health and safety code – 1
Drunk driving -1 citation and 1 arrest
Signs and signals- 5
Excessive speed – 1
Wrong side of road – 2
Following too closely – 1
Improper passing – 1
Other equipment violations – 1
Other driving violations – 2
Registration violations – 6
Other violations – 17
Maximum speed enforcement – 129

There was much discussion of dangerous potholes on both highways 12 and 113 and dangerous driving resulting from driver’s efforts to avoid them as well as damages to vehicles incurred from going into the larger potholes.

Caltrans District 4 reported that the J-Mack and Real McCoy ferries are both up and in operation, adding that there would be routine maintenance again in April. He also advised that the Miner Slough Bridge, at the top of Ryer Island, was scheduled to be replaced but that this project will be 2 to 3 years into the future.

District 3 gave an update on the 3 Mile Slough project and advised that the return to opening for boat traffic, previously set for early April, has been delayed until the end of April due to additional work needed on the North side of the lift span that was discovered recently. The painting of the adjacent sides on the north side will begin in April and will continue through August.

A project manager from District 3 presented the announcement that in about 1&1/2 years the Rio Vista bridge is scheduled to be repainted and receive needed maintenance The project will begin in late summer or fall  of 2017 and is expected to take 5 years. They are in the design phase of the project now. At this time they plan to have 1-lane closures at night, only. He added that there may be 2 or 3 short term, full closures, such as those on the Bay Bridge project which were performed on 2 or 3 long weekends.

Mayor Richardson noted that he was informed that the project would be done in 2 phases: one to paint the bridge and a second to repair the mechanical equipment. At this point the project manager confirmed that the Mayor is correct. In 5 years, at the completion of the painting phase, a second project will begin to replace the elevator lifts and make repairs to the motor, mechanical portions and electrical equipment. The project is estimated to cost approximately $30 million but an exact cost is yet to be determined.

The association’s leaders requested that Caltrans hold public meetings to inform the citizens and give those most impacted by the project a voice.

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