DPC Sponsors Courtland Citizen Workshop: The Key to Progress in the Community

C.A. Giacoma
Staff Writer
March 23, 2016

River News-Herald

Last Tuesday the Delta Protection Commission, in conjunction with the State Center for Collaborative Policy, held the third community action workshop in Courtland.

The Courtland citizen turn out was good. It has been heartening to see more and more Courtland citizens join in participation on behalf of their community with each meeting held.

Blake Roberts opened the workshop by passing out copies of the action plan as it stands so far and outlining the current progress. Blake also directed attendees to the webpage where they can access the information and follow the progress between meetings at:
http://www.delta.ca.gov/res/docs/DelHAI/Community Action/DCAP_CL_draft_plan.pdf

All residents of Courtland and the greater Courtland area are encouraged to become involved in the workshops and to bring their ideas for what they feel is needed and what they would like to see happen to improve the community and surrounding area.

Blake noted that some of the action issues identified in Courtland have also been addressed in the Walnut Grove community workshops and that these joint issues are designated by placing the letter J next to them.
Strengthening and supporting a strong town association starts by providing technical assistance with such things as establishing working partnerships with county agencies and facilitating grant applications.

Some of the other issues are preservation of historic character and encouraging businesses and tourism both in the small commercial district and on the water adjacent to it with the possibility of a dock and identifying ways to assist these businesses.  Public restrooms are also an important issue that goes hand in hand with encouraging visitors and businesses related to tourism.

Also discussed were transportation issues and the need for improved safety for pedestrians and bicyclists, as well as traffic control and a much-needed greater law enforcement presence.

Health issues are an important aspect of life in the individual rural communities too. Outreaching identifying sources and the need for access in the area and exploring the possibility of a health clinic were also topics of discussion. Courtland’s Dr. Henry Go was in attendance and spoke briefly on this subject.

Some of the other topics covered:
Improving access to quality Water.
Increasing long-term community use of school property, infrastructure and open space.
Increasing communication between law enforcement and the community members through regular community meetings.
The need for a public emergency warning system.
Much needed internet access through new or enhanced broadband and WiFi locations.
Improving electrical service and reduction of electrical outages.

These community action workshops are a very valuable opportunity to improve the quality of life in the community; the importance of attending and citizen involvement cannot be over emphasized. These workshops are a gift to the citizens and a great deal of good can from this opportunity, but only if the citizens come forward to participate – the more citizen involvement, the greater the progress that will be realized from these efforts.

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